Commandant Sean Casey. O/C 3rd Battalion Mid. Clare Brigade

Commandant Sean Casey O/C 3RD Battalion Mid Clare Brigade was born 2nd January 1896, fourth eldest in a family of twelve children (ten boys and two girls) born to Patrick and Mary Casey of Rathkeane, Ruan. His occupation was a National School teacher. He was involved in the volunteer movement from an early age and on the reorganisation of the Clare Brigade in 1918 was appointed O/C 3rd Battalion Mid Clare Brigade. In 1920 he gave up his teaching post to fight in the War of Independence and tool part in many engagements with British forces including the capture of the local RIC Barracks at Ruan 20th October 1920, the Moanreel ambush 18th December 1920 where he commanded one of the attacking sections, and the Caherea ambush 9th January 1921 where again he commanded one of the main sections. Following the signing of the Treaty he fought on the Republican side in the Civil War. He was a close associate of Eamon De Valera and Joe Barrett, O/C of the Brigade’s flying Column. When the Civil War ended he could not get back his teaching post and as a result he emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1925/26. He settled in Chicago where he worked for a U.S. oil company. Married to Ann, they had four children; Patricia, Marybeth, John and James. Sean returned to Ireland several times. The first time was to canvass for Eamon De Valera in a General Election. He also returned for his mother’s funeral. The other times were on holidays with his family. Sean died in 1958.